How to use Air Fresheners for Clean Fragrant Air in Every Office

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How to use Air Fresheners for Clean Fragrant Air in Every Office

24 February 2011

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If there’s a trend that defines the first decade of the 21st century, it’s the use of fragrance in every area of our lives. It is no longer enough to wear perfume and throw potpourri around a country kitchen. Home fragrance, in-car fragrance… the ever-expanding choices and sophistication of fragrance options and delivery systems proves that it’s important to us. We want to live in a pleasant-smelling world.

Nowhere is this more important than in the restroom. Sanokil Air Fresheners are designed to help combat stale and unpleasant odours. Sanokil Air Freshener units enjoy full service support.

There are two different delivery methods available:

Sanokil Aerosol Air Fresheners are a simple, discreet system to provide effective delivery of a wide range of fragrances. It operates on two D-cell batteries. The delivery system is timed to release a metered dose of fragrance to freshen the air, neutralise odours and help to control insects. Spray intervals are easily programmed to your choice, depending on the level of fragrance you desire.

Aerosol Air Fresheners are ideal for washrooms, hallways and reception areas.

Sanokil Fan Air Fresheners have an auto-light sensor switch and deliver natural, organic fragrances. It is perfect for reception areas, hallways and restrooms. It can be set for continuous operation or variable intermittent, and has applications in hotels, restaurants, sports clubs and industrial and corporate environments.

Sanokil refreshes its air freshener fragrance range regularly. We currently keep Fresh Breeze, Orange Blossom, Garden Bouquet, Musk and Lemon. Wouldn’t your place smell better with one of those in the air?

For more information call Sanokil on 1800 992 135 or Contact Us Online.