Do your Bathroom need a Urinal Deodoriser?

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Do your Bathroom need a Urinal Deodoriser?

04 March 2011

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that men’s toilets smell worse than women’s. No judgement, just fact. Google ‘why do men’s toilets smell’ and you’ll discover a range of replies, from suggestions that special extractor fans are used in women’s bathrooms, to the notion that urinal design is to blame. Whichever answer you choose to believe, there’s no getting away from the fact that it’s a situation that needs to be addressed in every office.

Urinal deodorisers – also known as urinal cakes or urinal mints – are small disinfectant blocks designed to clean and freshen washroom urinals. They are placed above the urinal drain. Some are air-release, evaporating slowly upon contact with the air, releasing a fragrance, but not deodorising the flushing water and urine, or cleaning the urinal.

Others, such as Sanokil’s Bio Tabs, are designed to clear the source of urinal clogging and odour by working on the organic waster. Sanokil’s Bio-Tabs dissolve slowly with each flush, releasing its active, biodegradable cleaning ingredients along with a pleasant scent. Bio-Tab blocks are easy to install, economical to use (each block lasts a minimum of one month for most usages) and environmentally safe.

Best of all, they’ll help keep your men’s washrooms fresh and clean, and send the right message to clients and staff.

For more information about Bio Tabs please call Sanokil on 1800 992 135 or Contact Us Online.