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29 October 2015

Men are constantly struggling to find appropriate places to change their baby’s diapers. In March of this year Jason Carange, the founder of Dads of Newport and Surrounds discussed with Daily Mail Australia that he doesn’t see any negatives to having baby change tables accessible in male bathrooms. Carange said... Read more »

Syringe Disposal

29 September 2015

Not discarding of syringes safely and properly can damage lives. Read more »


14 August 2015

It's all about the toilet paper

02 December 2014

Most of us can't imagine living without toilet paper. It's used not only for bathroom hygiene, but for nose care, wiping up spills, removing makeup and small bathroom cleaning chores. Read more »

Employee Bathroom Etiquette

14 November 2014

Using the office bathroom can be quite daunting based on how other employees treat the facilities.  Read more »

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