Vending Machines

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Vending machines are an essential service in many public washrooms, dispensing tampons, sanitary pads and condoms. The presence of these units in your washrooms sends out a strong message to staff and visitors that you care about their well-being.

Sanokil installs and services easy-to-operate mechanical vending machines that are specially designed for mounting on the walls of washrooms in high-traffic public areas like hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants and shopping centres.

Our Vending Machines are strong, smart and secure, with special features designed to prevent fraud and mis-use.

Sanokil’s professional staff regularly service our Vending Machines, and our services include refills of market-leading brands such as Johnson & Johnson sanitary pads, DeJour tampons and Ansell condoms.

The tampon and sanitary pad vending machines are the perfect partner to Sanokil’s Sanitary Disposal Service and our other feminine hygiene services.


  • Vending MachineShow you care about clients’ welfare
  • Smart, strong and secure
  • Interlocked vend and coin-refund levers prevent fraud and mis-use
  • Designed for easy re-filling.

Dimensions: Height 910mm, width 295mm, diameter 190mm.

Price: $1690 (including gst)



  • Vending Condom RefillsPacks of  2
  • Quality Ansell brand
  • Available in Rough Rider and assorted
  • Natural latex rubber

Price: 720 packs (half carton) - $810 (including gst)

           1440 packs (full carton) - $1512 (including gst)


  • Vending Tampon Refills400 packs (2 per pack)
  • DeJour brand

Price: $562.50 (including gst)



  • Vending Sanitary Pad Refills400 packs (1 per pack)
  • Johnson & Johnson Stayfree brand

Price: $562.50 (including gst)



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Sanokil's Commitment to Service

At Sanokil, service is our business. We understand your need for regular and reliable services, whether it is exchanging our Sanitary Bins, Nappy Disposal Bins or Medical Waste for freshly sanitised units, replacing the Bio Tab, Air Freshener, Toilet Blue or Urinal Sanitisers in a timely manner that suit you, or making sure that your Soap Dispensers or Vending Machines are working and stocked properly.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best washroom services in Australia, and tailoring those services to meet the precise needs of each of our clients. So from the first conversation with one of our customer service representatives to discuss your requirements, through to regular visits from our team of service professionals, we guarantee total commitment to hygiene service.